About Us


lochiattodadEmil Lochiatto arrived to the United States in 1947 with $16 in his pocket.  When his friend was in need, Emil gave up half of his fortune to help his friend achieve his American Dream which was a testament to Emil’s character.

Emil earned a job with General Motors before starting Emil LoChiatto Masonry and paving in 1955.  He relied heavily on the skill-sets taught to him by his father in Italy for what he needed to know and did most of the work with one of two men.  Gradually, he would get more and more tools, from the first single-axel dump truck to a small back hoe while roller pacing was done by hand.

In 1987, Emil’s son Vito, took over the business, purchasing a single-axel truck, trailor, and another back hoe along with a small steam roller that was barely usable.  He took command with three men by his side.lochiattohistory2

LoChiatto Paving & Masonry Inc. has grown over the past half century.  Now doing work all over the New Jersey area, LoChiatto continues to provide the same high quality work that allowed for Emil’s American dream to come true.